Advertising rates for billboards, transit, Street Furniture, Malls, Outernet and other Specialty Media are competitively priced and based on a myriad of factors including, but not limited to: number of units (size of the showing), duration of the campaign, number of markets purchased, time of year, and other market conditions.


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How much do billboards cost? How are other out-of-home media prices determined?


Out-of-Home Media does not have a flat, fixed price list. There are many factors that affect outdoor media prices, including:


Population – Audience size will influence your billboard cost.

Location – Expect to pay higher billboard advertising rates for in-demand areas. Billboards in New York City will carry much higher billboard rental rates than the same size billboards in Tyler, Texas due primarily to the difference in population and audience size (the number of consumers who will have an opportunity to see the billboard).

Traffic – Within a given market, each billboard carries a different value depending upon its “impressions,” which is used to calculate billboard advertising rates. An impression is a commercial rating, or a measure of the number of people who will actually see the ad, including pedestrians, motorists and transit riders.

Demand – Spectacular units and high-traffic transit stations in the heart of cities may have a long list of advertisers waiting to display their message. The proximity of certain ads to airports, shopping centers and other attractions also increases demand and price. Further, other events and timing make outdoor inventory more "precious" and can impact rates, such as large sporting events or beach adjacent inventory in the summer months.

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